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31 October 22 , 6:21 AM | Thirunarayanan Elangovan

Rehabilitation support equipment's

We provide rehabilitation support equipment's at home for rental and for sale. we help patients at home with required support products like walker, walking stick, commode stool, commode chair, hospital cot - manual and electric.

05 November 22 , 12:02 AM

Commode support for Elderly care

Elderly care the commode support for their sturdiness can be customized as per their toilet size.

06 November 22 , 11:24 PM

Hospital cot for rent

We offer hospital cot for rental on a monthly basis

08 November 22 , 1:29 AM

Home care support for rehabilitation products

Geethas Pharmacy provides support for the patients discharging from hospital by supplying necessary rehabilitation products

08 November 22 , 10:45 PM

Moving assistive support for patients

Geethas support providing Moving assistive like walker (fixed & Foldable, Height adjustable), Wheelchair, walking stick, elbow crutches....

10 November 22 , 1:25 AM

Post hospital support

Geethas Pharmacy supports patients for their post hospital support by providing necessary rehabilitation equipment's

14 November 22 , 12:27 AM

Post Hospital support

We provide support for the post hospitalization, for the following rehabilitation products - Hospital cot, Walker, Commode chair, Commode stool. We provide hospital back rest cot & wheelchair for rent.

23 November 22 , 11:14 PM

Wheelchair ramp for Home

Geethas provide ramp as per clients requirement

24 November 22 , 11:11 PM

Ramp for cars to shift wheelchair

Custom made wheelchair ramp for cars & van

25 November 22 , 11:28 PM

Custom made RAMP for car

Geethas provide custom made lifting operation for the car, as per the requirement.

28 November 22 , 12:28 AM

Support after Hospital

Geethas supports for the need of the rehabilitation products after discharging from Hospital

29 November 22 , 12:12 AM

After Hospital support

Once patient discharged from hospital, we provide required required rehab equipment for rent

29 November 22 , 11:51 PM

Walking support

Geethas manufacture support for walking support

01 December 22 , 1:15 AM

Bedside Commode support

Patients who have difficulty in moving to commode, can use this bedside commode in different.

02 December 22 , 11:38 PM

Wheelchair repair shop

Geethas provide repair services for the wheelchair on the requirement basis

04 December 22 , 11:43 PM

Repair Service for Hospital Cot

Geethas Pharmacy provide service for Hospital cot. for all variant.

05 December 22 , 11:49 PM


Geethas provide repair service for Wheelchair & Hospital cot.

07 December 22 , 12:00 AM

Foldable and Height adjustable aluminum walker

Moving assistance support with foldable & height adjustable model

08 December 22 , 12:01 AM

Post hospital support

We help patients in making their post hospital requirements at home

09 December 22 , 2:15 AM

Wanted Dealers

Geethas are looking for dealers across Tamilnadu in all major Districts.

12 December 22 , 12:22 AM

Post hospital support

We support patients discharging from hospital and make them comfortable at home.

13 December 22 , 12:05 AM

Rehabilitation support equipment's

Rehabilitation support equipment's will be provided for sale and rental

14 December 22 , 12:12 AM

Hospital Bed for rent

Geethas provide hospital bed for rent. We have back rest cot, electric cot, Height adjustable cot.

16 December 22 , 2:54 AM

Commode bedside support

Commode bedside support

01 November 22 , 1:38 AM

For Rental - Hospital Bed & Wheelchair

For Rental - Hospital Bed & Wheelchair

02 November 22 , 7:45 AM

Air Bed for bedridden patients

The primary purpose of air mattresses is to avoid pressure injuries. The skin cells are broken down by the restricted blood flow in the body of individuals who are bedridden or have lost mobility. This breakdown of skin cells can lead to bedsores, which can then turn into painful ulcers

03 November 22 , 4:06 AM

Back support for bed feeding patients

Back support for bed ridden patients, support their Lumbo for feeding and sitting support.